Mix For Solid Steel

Posted On Oct 21 2017 by

Some House, some Video Game music edits, some Heat >>>

Onda Vaselina Video

Posted On Oct 21 2017 by

Video by Nathalie Gasdoué

Reyes Del Barrio Video

Posted On Sep 16 2017 by

Some LZX industries and 3trinsRGB+1C video synth action in there

Niños Matadores Video

Posted On Aug 8 2017 by

Video by Nathalie Gasdoue & Myself this way>>>

streaming via https://www.nowness.com/category/music/krikor-kouchian-ninos-matadores-nathalie-gasdoue

New Record is coming 2nd October

Posted On Aug 8 2017 by

New LP Pacific Alley will be out this fall, check the soundcloud snippets and the Niños Matadores video streaming from nowness.com below.


Posted On Jan 27 2017 by

After playing with the OTO TR808 you might wanna check my brand new OTO BIM TR606, this time with eight level of OTO Machines BIM gain!!! The beautifull roped up 606 (my first drum machine) with some real tight sound, this time I included a nice explanation to the controls, I also added a Pain inflicting FX processor so you can go industrial as hell. You will need Ableton Live 9.7 to use this baby!

click the pict and get roped up good

The 12bit BIM TR808 for Ableton

Posted On Jan 12 2017 by

You nerds around, get the real deal with my TR808 going thru EL magical OTO Machines BIM!!! I made this pack with love! This gives you a nice multi sampled 12bit TR808, with almost all available controls for your little fingers to twist (kick decay and attack, snare tone and pitch, Tom pitches…). To this I added a nice multi FX processor to get all the DIRT you need. You will need Ableton Live 9.7 to use this baby! Next up will be the BIM TR606, soon.

click the pict and obey

New Day For this site

Posted On Jan 10 2017 by

and most of the music is on bandcamp now so go there